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Leg Discoloration

Venous stasis dermatitis, or darkening of skin on of the lower legs, is a common sign of underlying vein disease (even if varicose veins are not present). The change in pigmentation to a dark color usually occurs around the feet or ankles. It can be a sign of a potentially more advanced disease and can lead to thinning of the skin and even eventual ulceration.

Signs of Venous Stasis Dermatitis
    • skin around the ankles has a looks reddish, yellowish or a brown color.
    • associated swelling around the ankle area.
    • itching/pain.
    • a thickening of skin around the ankles or shins.
    • hair loss on the ankle or shins in the associated area.

The solution is to evaluate the underlying venous disease. The underlying venous disease can be treated by a combination of modalities Radio Frequency Ablation, VenaSeal, Sclerotherapy). Over time, the discoloration will gradually improve and become less noticeable.

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