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I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Fan. He is professional, compassionate, smart, and always willing to listen. I had unsightly spider veins for many years and had been to numerous physicians who treated me with no resolution of these ugly veins.  I heard good things about Dr. Fan so I thought I would give him a try although I didn’t have much confidence that he like the other physicians I had seen could get rid of them. Boy was I pleasantly surprised when after being treated by Dr. Fan, my spider veins disappeared!  A true miracle!  I am forever grateful to Dr. Fan and ABSOLUTELY recommend him!


Over the last 10 years my legs have gotten worse. For the most part I attributed it to getting old and inheriting varicose veins from my mother and joint issues from my father. I kept them in check with exercise. The feel and look was ok as long as I religiously worked out. But about 6 months ago I hurt my knee such that I simply couldn’t exercise like I like to by running. I thought it would pass like it always did but this time it just got worse. So after speaking with friends and researching I decided to try something different as doing the same thing expecting different results is crazy right? I tried acupuncture. The  acupuncturist was great and I felt better immediately upon treatment. The most valuable though was her heart felt and piercing statement that I needed to take better care of myself and see a vein doctor. She referred Dr Fan. I’ve been blessed that great people know other great people. Fast forward to Dr Fan...the thought of the treatment concerned me because as a younger boy I witnessed my mom getting treatment for her legs that simply did not work and in some respects made it worse. That experience made me research things and listen closely at my first appointment with Dr Fan. The literature on the wall and what I found on the web matched and gave me confidence that new treatments were sound and less invasive. While speaking with Dr Fan I sensed his grasp of the scope of my issue and his confidence made me believe it was the right thing to do. That first procedure was stressful as my first vein was a challenge being that it was so big. The sting from the lidocaine lasted longer than I expected but it was easy. The procedure is a bit early at first as I could sense it coming up my leg but no pain. As they got into the challenging part I felt a pinch here and there but all in all it was easy. The hardest part was focusing to have positive thoughts instead of thinking what could go wrong. Speaking with them while doing the procedure was reassuring as it was clear Dr Fan knew what he was doing and knew when to communicate with me. His assistants were equally awesome as they helped define the path to maneuver. Before I knew it the procedure was complete and when I stood up it felt like pressure had been relieved immediately. It was a great feeling. I had no pain and no discomfort from it. In fact, although my vein got hard and I could feel the length of it, my overall leg felt better every day. I’ve had four treatments now, two veins in each leg. I decided to them as quickly as Dr Fan would allow it so 4 weeks in and I have full range of motion back in my knees and I can do things I have not been able to do in months! The swelling in my left leg is gone as are the cramps, fatigue, and joint pain. My legs have not been the same size in years but are now! I highly recommend Dr Fan and his treatment. It returns a quality of life I did not realize I was struggling with for so long. Thank you Dr Fan and Team!

Dean W.

I was familiar with Dr. Fan from my hernia repair surgery. I was referred to him because of his expertise in using minimally invasive techniques and robotic surgery which allows him to perform complex surgeries using the smallest incisions with greater precision. After my hernia repair surgery, I asked about my varicosities in my left leg. I have a job where I am on my feet all day with no ability to rest and elevate my legs to give them a break. Dr. Fan suggested a procedure we could do in his office using high-frequency current to destroy the veins that became quitters and that the procedure is easy and safe. Insurance covered the procedure and not only was I able to drive myself home - I rested that evening and went to work the following day! There was no down time like with other far more invasive vein procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Fan. His staff are incredible. Together with Jo Ann and Caitlin, they work like a seamless team preparing patients and making me feel comfortable throughout. It was an easy experience and the results are incredible. My left leg doesn't feel heavy and the ropey veins are gone so now I can wear shorts without feeling self conscious about it.


Dr. Fan is an amazing knowledge doctor who is clearly compassionate about his patients. Dr. Fan is really wonderful and trustworthy. The center is pretty good at scheduling, so calling ahead for an appointment will definitely speed your visit.

Valerie F.

Excellent medical care and a personable experience! Dr. Zhen Fan took care of all my needs and explained all options and procedures to me so we could come up with a personalized solution for my vein issues. The procedure was quick and painless with minimal recovery time. I would recommend Dr. Zhen Fan to everyone!

Robert J.