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Leg Swelling

Leg swelling is the result of an abnormal buildup of fluid within the soft tissue. It most often occurs at the ankle and calf region. Often it is caused by an underlying venous disease. There are other contributing  factors causes as well such as congestive heart failure, blood clots, kidney issues, past injuries or certain medications. If this condition is left untreated, more severe conditions such as secondary lymphedema may occur. Early treatment of venous insufficiency may prevent or improve leg swelling concerns and needs to be addressed by a vein doctor.  A physician specializing in vein treatment will look for venous insufficiency prior to addressing.

Treatment for Leg Swelling

The treatment of leg swelling depends on the underlying cause of the disease. If ultrasound shows underlying venous reflux, the underlying venous disorder can be treated by a combination of modalities (Radio frequency Ablation, Venaseal, Sclerotherapy, Pneumoboots). If treated early, mild edema is potentially reversible. However for lymphedema once it has developed, this condition is rarely reversible, but its severity can be improved with treatment.